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Stobi Flips

Vitaminka, 03/2010 Vitaminka is one of the leading food production companies in Macedonia. Founded in 1956, it has a long tradition of high quality products.


Our main challenge on this project was to develop an animated web site that could be easily managed through a web Content Management System (wCMS). Our task was to develop an easy maintainable, interactive presentation of Stobi Flips which transferred the look and feel of Stobi Flips to the online world.
Client Requirements: 
  • Develop an unique interactive frontend that could be managed by CMS
  • Produce a design that would transfer the experience of enjoying Stobi Flips to the web site
  • Choose the most adequate technology that would correspond to the technical and design requirements of this project
We decided to use Adobe Flash for the website fronted to allow easy design of complex animations. The real challenge was integrating the frontend with our Eazyio wCMS. To achieve this we developed a completely new and custom Action Script 3.0 framework which allowed easy data exchange between the flash animations and the wCMS database. This framework also allowed URL rewriting to allow natural navigation flows through this Flash driven website. 

Building the Action Script framework allowed us to integrate our Eazyio wCMS with minor customizations. 
Every Flash website is a unique experience which communicates a certain story. In the case with Stobi Flips we wanted to recreate the experience of opening the bag of Flips which unleashes the whole interaction experience which happens “in the bag” or so is the user’s experience.  To achieve this effect we asked for some help from a video production company which helped us with some animations to create a full multimedia experience.  


The backend of the site was mainly built on our Eazyio wCMS platform (currently in .NET 4.0) with light customization of the modules. Frontend presentation was completely written from the ground up using Adobe Flash and Action Script 3.0. A custom framework in compliance with all web standards was developed, especially for this project.


We created an easy to use wCMS for maintaining Flash website content, and a unique interactive frontend presentation of Stobi Flips.