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KIRM, 07/2010 Chamber of Enforcement agents (KIRM) is association of enforcement agents of Republic of Macedonia.


Every enforcement agent has a local case tracking application with a local database where they store all case related information and files. This kind of local storage is not accessible for the Chamber and it cannot identify and track duplicated or inconsistent cases.

The Chamber is responsible for 70 enforcement offices and which use 5 different applications for case tracking (all of them custom built and not unified) with more than 100.000 cases that need to be compared.

Client requirements:

  • Collect all information that describes a case for all existing cases and set up a mechanism for collecting information from new cases on a daily level from each executor’s office.
  • Store all information in a central database and develop a web application to allow decentralized access to the collected information.
  • Create a mechanism for identifying duplicate and inconsistent cases and tracking of the resolving process stages.
  • Allow limited remote access privileges for executors and integrate an email notification system for dispatching updates and identified conflicts.
  • Set up a high availability hardware environment.

The main challenge was to identify duplicate cases since all executors’ offices used a different case tracking application and data input was not normalized – different notation as well as both Cyrillic and Latin alphabets were used for same data fields.


We developed one client application and one web based application with a central database for storing information. The client application was designed to collect data form the local executor database and upload it to the central database for processing. For the web application we developed an advanced algorithm for identifying duplicates by separating exact matches and “suspects” using custom defined sensitivity levels. All processing results were organized into lists and made available to the Chamber trough a user friendly interface.


For the client application we used Visual Basic 2008 which allowed easy reading form the local MS Access databases (majority of application used MS Access for storing data) and we created and easy installation package which is used by the Chamber’s administrator. The central application was custom built using .NET 4.0 and an MSSQL 2010 Database.

The entire data transfer was done through encrypted VPN channels through a dedicated VPN router set up in the Chambers premises.


The Chamber was able to receive daily updates from across the country and to receive email alerts for any duplicate or suspicions cases. The algorithm does most of the work so the only manual input is resolving the suspicions cases and maintaining the user database. The solution also allowed them to track the status of the conflict case and evolve it through several stages until it is completely resolved. The installation package allows the Chamber administrator to add unlimited number of new offices in the future.