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IMAM Social Media

IMAM Social Media, 07/2011 IMAM is an internet marketing agency specialized in Facebook Page management.


Developing a strategy for social media marketing is still an unknown for most Macedonian companies. Facebook being the busiest social network now days; ensuring presence there is the best choice for most small to medium companies on the market. Creating an open web portal where everyone can add a Facebook fan page and then follow it as it grows on Facebook, compare it with other pages and find out the Facebook Interaction Reach are the main challenges for every manager of a Facebook fun page.

Requirements from the client:

  • Every fan page has information which describes the company and its audience. Gather this information from Facebook for the listed fan pages in real time.
  • Calculate the Facebook Interaction Reach for each listed fun page. The value of one Facebook fan page can be calculated by the number of fans versus the wall posts, likes and comments they relate to this fan page. These factors make up the Facebook Interaction Reach index of one fan page.
  • Maintain a top list of fan pages and agencies maintaining this fan pages.


4Ward has developed web application that will enable any user to add Facebook fun page easily and afterwards monitor the progress of the fan page. Every user can check the number of fans on that page in real time, daily monitor the weekly growth of the page, the Interaction Reach that the page made the previous day, the page growth from the day it has been entered until today and comparison of different fan pages that are entered in the system.


The application is using .Net 4.0 technologies, Open Graph from Facebook, and windows services.

The implementation of the application has been distributed in three phases. First we developed the methods that are getting the required information from the Facebook page, using the Open Facebook Graph and custom made logic.

In the second stage a web application was developed which enabled straightforward Facebook fan pages adding and displaying the desirable features.

In the third stage Windows services were developed which updated the page details, calculated daily and weekly page growths and the Facebook Interaction Reach for the previous day.


Easy to use web application with administrating panel which enables monitoring and comparing of Facebook fan pages with enough details to a gain good understanding of the fan page metrics and its effect.

Lessons learned

Sometimes it is easier to write bunch of code for yourself then to find it