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IHNE (IHNAJA DOO), 02/2011 The IHNAJA is newly established Real Estate Company.


We had to build an easy maintainable web site where real estate offers are well organized with consistent presentation so that customers can easily browse, filter and find the most appropriate real estate.

Client requirements:

  • Every estate is specific and has specific and sometimes unique properties and characteristics. The challenge was to categorize and unify data so the real estates are presented in same way.
  • Create a simple form for adding new estates by customers and real estate agents,
  • Backend utility for estates classification and status tracking.


We organized the estates in several categorization levels and grouped them by types with specific properties and characteristics. This solved more than one challenge - navigation, searching and presentation.

We created public (for customers) and private (for agents) site areas for adding new estates and enabled them to grant every estate with status to monitor its availability.


The site was mainly built on our Eazyio wCMS platform (currently in .NET 4.0) with additional custom built modules for managing real estate agents network and universal input of estates with the ability to change/add properties.


We created an easy to use wCMS for maintaining the website content but most important an easy to use web based tool (accessible from anywhere) for managing and tracking estates.