FINKI, 04/2011 Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering


4Ward was hired to develop a web application, a Facebook game and several custom Facebook tabs so that students can receive all the important information on enrolment, faculty migration, curriculum and other questions of interest, as well as raise the interest for studying on this new faculty.

Because it’s a newly formed faculty the challenges were mostly connected to making information available through various channels and tools in service of attracting new students.

Client requirements:

  • Offer a simple way for students to get information on how to migrate from their faculty to the newly formed faculty.
  • Centralize the faculty staff resumes so that they can be used on various locations and updated from a single application.
  • Offer a simple way for new students to get enrolment information quickly.
  • Popularize the faculty amongst young people.


The client required a simple interactive communication tool for distributing information to potential students. A forum was out of the question due to the lack of personal to moderate user content so we proposed an interactive (two-way) Frequently Asked Questions (or simple ticketing system) module that allows students to submit questions and get them answered publically by the relevant staff member on the web site within hours. As the enrolment day neared, communication intensified so we integrated a Facebook chat widget on the home page to get both real time feedback and exposure troug Facebook.

We also designed a Facebook image matching game where players can exercise their memory skills and then share the result on their wall.


The content management on the site was handled by integrating our Eazyio wCMS which was customized with an additional .NET 4.0 web application for supporting the frequently asked questions module. We also created a staff module that connects to an external database, and gets the staff biographies from an external storage.

The Facebook game was developed with JavaScript and .NET 4.0 and was integrated in a custom Facebook tab on the faculty’s fan page.


The client received and easy to use wCMS solution with modules to manage all necessary content during the first year of studies. Eazyio’s modular architecture will allow us to add different content modules in the future as our client’s requirements evolve.